Why Shift To Solar Energy?

Solar energy is free, clean, safe, limitless, cost effective, ozone friendly, maintenance-free and more importantly it is just there for the taking, nobody has a franchise over it. Solar Sydney As an alternative to fossil fuel, its usefulness was only given global recognition just a few years ago. There is absolutely no record of any negative effect it has over anybody and anything when harnessed and used.

Solar energy is a renewable and reliable source of power. Can you imagine a day where the sun does not go about its daily routine? One cannot imagine if we will ever be without sunlight. It is a matter of fact that most people generate thousands of hours of electricity through solar panels without maintenance costs, that’s reliability for you. Fossil fuels on the other hand though the world’s main power source is without argument the number one cause of global warming, while solar cells do not emit anything into the atmosphere.

Solar energy is harnessed through solar panels. The efficiency of these solar panels is measured by how much wattage a square inch can generate. Our experience has shown that photovoltaic panels are the most efficient, made of denser more durable materials. Location is next key factor in ensuring the optimum performance of your solar panels. You need to install it in an area where the sun shines the best! 8 hours at the very least. Of course you will agree with me that the roof is the best choice for the location of your solar panels. Experience likewise has shown that solar panels receive UV rays even on cloudy hr days.

Even if you have the perfect location and the unlimited supply of solar energy but do not have the quality materials for your solar panel, then do not expect maximum results out of it. To satisfy yourself, buy only quality materials though expensive, treat it as an investment rather than an expense for it will not only save your money but your effort as well.

Solar panel is pollution-free gadget except during its manufacturing stage.
The average market price of a quality material panel is one thousand dollar excluding its installation cost. But when you buy solar panels, not only you save your money but you are also helping the economy. And the more demand of solar panel will definitely reduced its market price as in the law of supply and demand. Solar panel is self sufficient once they are installed. They are long lasting and do not need much of the maintenance. But do not forget that panels only generate electricity, meaning that you still need a battery for storage.

To complete the recipe for an operational solar panel, you also need to buy the controller, the batteries, and the inverter. Basically, a controller regulates and controls the maximum amount of energy needed in a battery. It is a device that will inform you if the battery is overcharged or undercharged. Battery is the device that stores the captured energy by the panel. Marine or deep cycle battery is recommended. The number of batteries needed in each installation will depend on the amount of energy needed to cover up your requirements.

Inverter converts the 12 volts battery voltage to 120 volts AC meaning, energy should be converted to 120 volts otherwise you will not be able to use it to run your appliances. The capacity of the inverter will depend on your requirements. The more appliances that you have the bigger the voltage needed. Whether you decide to buy or build your own panel, it is highly recommended to consult the expert not to overdo everything to avoid damage to mankind. You only want to have a free and unlimited supply of electricity but do not want to damage the environment.