What’s The Best Car For A Teenager?

When it is time for a teenager to begin learning the responsibility of driving, what is the best car for the purpose? There are a few things the ideal teenager car would have in common: low cost, good mileage and small size. Let us address why these features are important and look at a couple of good examples of the ideal teen vehicle car detail.

For someone who has never driven regularly, it is not unusual for their car to get somewhat battered during the course of their evolving from beginner to seasoned driver. Because of this, the lowest priced quality used car is generally the best choice for a teenager. An example of this type of affordable beginner vehicle is a second hand Ford Focus that can be found for a low price but still have sharp styling to please a teen driver. Responsibility is learned through practise. Along the way, mistakes are made. By choosing a budget vehicle for a teen’s first car, the financial impact of these mistakes is reduced.

The next factor is good mileage. A teenager exulting in the new freedom to drive will often seize or manufacture any excuse to drive. This results in a more petrol burned. For parents paying for that petrol and teens who pay for their own from their allowances or part time employment, the lower this cost can be made, the better. Becoming a more skilled and safe driver is a matter of practise. Having a starter car for a teenager is somewhat pointless if it consumes fuel at such a high rate this practise is impractical.
Small size is the next attractive feature for a teenager’s first vehicle. Many times, escaping an auto accident is a matter of inches. For drivers still gaining expertise and practise, the smaller the car, the more of those crucial inches are available. Also, parking is made far easier when driving a smaller car. Like the Focus, a used Vauxhall Corsa is a small car that has attractive styling.

For teenagers learning their way around the driving world, a small, inexpensive and fuel efficient vehicle is the ideal choice. A used Ford Focus and a used Vauxhall Corsa are each cars that fit these requirements admirably. While not a parent’s primary concern, the fact that both of these models are sleek and attractive are also a compelling selling point in the campaign to convince teens that these are the best options for their first personal vehicle.