What to Look for in a Quality Navy SEAL Watch

Oversize Navy WatchThe Navy SEALs are the US military’s elite aquatic fighting unit, and their gear has to be up to the tough tasks they are required to do. Anyone looking to buy a watch that’s comparable to what the SEALs use needs to know what they are looking for. A Navy SEAL label or some military description on the watch is not enough to guarantee that the watch is a high quality one.

There are certain things that any discerning buyer needs to look for and be aware of when they are buying this kind of watch, if they want it to match up to the high standards of an authentic Navy SEAL watch.

First and foremost, the watch needs to be an accurate timekeeper. This isn’t something they will know just by looking at it, but they can read reviews, such as those on sites like navy seal watch. Doing research through reviews will tell them whether the watch is of high quality and what its timekeeping capabilities are.

Next, they need to look at the water resistance of the watch. This should be clearly denoted on the label or on the product descriptors, if it is being sold online. Typical Navy SEAL watches are resistant to at least 1000 feet, as they are used in aquatic exercises and missions. A Navy SEAL watch is one that is meant to be used underwater and should be able to continue working just fine in underwater conditions.

The watch should also have some sort of light-up function. This maybe an LED light or some other method of illuminating in the dark, as Navy missions sometimes occur during the hours of darkness, and the SEALs need to be able to coordinate efforts and keep track of the time, even in low light conditions.

The band should also be long and durable, to ensure that it can be fitted over bulky equipment, such as a heavy coat. The band should be very durable and able to stand up to some abuse, like the rest of the watch. Consumers should look closely at the materials the watch is made out of, and ensure that only durable, high quality materials are being used. Anything else is going to break down under rough use and not be worthy to be called a Navy SEAL watch.